Why and How You Should Tweet Your Blog Posts?

One way to use Twitter is to share your blog posts with your audience. It’s an important way share your information with your followers. Here are some hints on why and how you should tweet your blog posts:

Social media is one very important way to get more visitors. The old SEO spammy tricks have no longer be acceptable. I recommend avoiding such platforms that focus on such techniques.

Here are some hints on why and how you should tweet your blog posts:

Keep The Headline Under 140 Characters – Remember that if someone is going to retweet it, it works better if your original headline is shorter than the allowed number of characters. This enables the person who is retweeting to leave your entire headline but includes their own Twitter username. So when it’s said you have 140 characters think instead that you have about 120 characters for your post.

Make The Headlines Keyword Rich — Headlines of all blog posts should be interesting. If you use a plug-in which Tweets your blogs automatically the headline may not be good enough to receive the attention you desire. Ensure that your headlines catch the eye and are relevant to the post for the best results. Often, while automation can be fun, creating your own headlines for the tweets is better.

To Build Your Brand Recognition – You want to stay in the forefront of your follower’s mind, and sometimes that is easiest done by sharing your blog posts. Your blog posts on your website should be targeted toward a particular audience, relevant, interesting and engaging. If they’re all that, your followers will be glad you reminded them about your blog post via a Tweet. Your name will be kept in front of them, and they’ll remember you for it.

To Communicate With Your Community – Blog posts can be very interactive in nature if you always ask a question or ask the community to do something. You can get great feedback and conduct awesome research via blog posts using Twitter to get the blog post out there. Once your Twitter followers go to the blog post, they can comment on it, take the poll, leave feedback, and also retweet it to others if they find it interesting enough.

To Promote Your Products & Services — While you do need to be cognizant of over promoting on Twitter, it is okay of course to promote your products and services via Twitter. The trick is to be aware of who is following you, speak directly to them, and promote something that is useful to them. What sorts of products and services do they want and need? Promote that!

Because It’s Fun – The fact is, Twitter is fun. You can do it relatively quickly, and get a nice response from it each time. You should enjoy sending and receiving Tweets because it really is like a large never ending party. Like an after hours Chamber of Commerce party that you can go to any time of the day without having to dress up. If you went to a party and you just wrote a new article or a book, you’d tell people, right? Well, Twitter is no different, as long as you’re not spamming, people appreciate your good news.

One last tip – if you’ve been writing posts for a while, don’t just tweet your new posts, posts older posts too. I’ve been doing this daily, and I’m getting more response and feedback than when they were originally posted. I love that. Remember you have new people following you every day that did not read that content before. Also, old followers may not remember it and may appreciate it as well.

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